Guide to your washing and drying facilities
Washing and drying facilities are located in the basement of your building. As a general rule, there is one washer and dryer for every eight apartments. If you cannot locate them directly underneath your building, check the adjoining basement. We have tried to place the washers and dryer centrally in each building so that they would be easily accessible to everyone.

Some buildings are equipped with more than one washer and dryer in Laundromat areas. These washers and dryer operate at current Laundromat rates for each wash load and 1 hour drying time.

For further information, please contact the Maintenance Department at 643-6663.

If any problems arise while using a laundry facilities, please call our maintenance department or AAL, (734) 427-8990

Laundry Room Rules
As you will see when you first use the laundry facilities, there are “Laundry Room Rules” posted prominently near that washers and dryer. For the convenience and consideration for the people living in the buildings those rules are as follows:

  • No washing or drying before 8:00 am
  • No washing or drying after 11:00 pm Washers and dryers are on timers and will shut off at 11:00pm and turn back on at 8:00 am.
  • The dryer lint filter must be cleaned after each load of clothes that is dried.
  • If the washer is your building are equipped with lint filters, these too should be cleaned after each cycle.

Please note that the small basket-like apparatus is sometimes mistakenly used as soap dispenser. THIS IS NOT A SOAP DISPENSER – it is a LINT FILTER!